• En chemin vers Saint Jacques

The ways to Santiago de Compostela

– Four main french tracks describes since the middle-age ( Codex Calixtinius), also used by foreign pilgrims :
– Tours: for Scandinavia and North Europe.
– Vézelay : for Germany, Polski, East Europe.
– Le Puy : for Countries from Danube and Switerland.
– Arles : for Italie.

The three first one join in France between St Palais and Ostabat at ” The stele of Gibraltar” ! ( It’s the name of the place).

The last one, Arles, join them in Spain at Puente la Reina. There, only one spanish way : the ” Camino frances”.
Of course, many other ways are possible.
But on these main ways are great sanctuaries, relics of saints, rest houses, hospitalities, etc…

«If these four main tracks were the most used, we must think that in France were many other pathes because pilgrims started to walk from their home village and moved to Santiago from sanctuary to sanctuary. »

” French catholic Creanciale guide”.